Sean Maloney for NRA Board of Directors

I urge all freedom loving NRA voting members to cast their ballots for Sean Maloney for re-election to the National Rifle Association Board of Directors. You should have already received your ballot in the February issue of America’s First Freedom.

I first met Sean in the summer of 2016 when he came to Colorado to meet with a group of activists interested in bringing the successful FASTER program to Colorado. I got a chance to know him a bit more at the Independence Institute’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms party that weekend.

Over the course of a long lunch with several friends, I learned more about Sean’s resume. He came out to Colorado in 2013 after the infamous gun-control bills were passed and citizens were working on recalling two state senators. Sean showed up and said “How can I help?”

Sean is a founder and director of the Buckeye Firearms Association, which I had heard of as a very successful Second Amendment protector long before I met Sean. His leadership in the state of Ohio has preserved and expanded rights protected by the Second Amendment for many Ohioans.

In the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook incident, Sean and a group of other BFA executives got together and created the Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response (FASTER) program. FASTER is “…a carefully structured curriculum offering over 26 hours of hands-on training over a 3-day class that exceeds the requirements of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.”

Sean’s commitment to improving school safety has resulted in hundreds of school teachers and administrators passing the FASTER program, and dozens of school districts in Ohio and other states are safer because qualified and trained school employees are carrying concealed weapons and trained in emergency first aid.

Sean is a leading Second Amendment attorney and has defended dozens of people who have been involved in self-defense incidents. His work in this area led him to found Second Call Defense which offers best in class protection to concealed carry practitioners who have been involved in defensive gun uses.

Sean has a long track record of traveling the United States to offer testimony, knock on doors, and offer substantial support to grassroots activists in elections, getting out the vote, lobbying and other activities.

I strongly urge my fellow NRA life members to support Sean Maloney for re-election to the NRA Board of Directors.

Thank you.

Richard D. Turnquist

January 26, 2017

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