Sean Maloney for NRA Board of Directors

I urge all freedom loving NRA voting members to cast their ballots for Sean Maloney for re-election to the National Rifle Association Board of Directors. You should have already received your ballot in the February issue of America’s First Freedom. I […]

Thoughts on Orlando

Before any discussion of Orlando can take place, I must first express limitless sorrow for the people who lost their lives during the night of Saturday, June 11, 2016. May they rest in peace. May their loved ones find comfort […]

Why Capacity Matters

“Ammunition capacity. Handgun, shotgun and rifle capacity.” Much is made of “high capacity” firearms. Gun control advocates talk endlessly about how scary and needless they are in civilian life. How politicians, in the interest of public safety, need to limit […]

Black Friday

Just before noon on the Friday after Thanksgiving 2015 another possibly mentally ill individual went to a Planned Parenthood location in Colorado Springs, CO and shot several people, killing a police officer and two civilians before surrendering to police after […]