Vote Your Conscience

Before Donald Trump became the “presumptive” Republican nominee, I was quite vocal about my opposition to his candidacy and his unfitness to be President. Once he was named as the presumptive nominee, I decided to tone it down and wait […]

Sharia Law In America

I recently was engaged in an online debate with an individual who challenged me to “prove” that “Sharia law was being implemented in the U.S.” When I couldn’t do that within 10 seconds, he accused me of “baseless and infantile […]

The State of The (dis-)Union

This year to celebrate the 4th of July, I take a look at seven measures of our country’s health and the competing visions of her future. In my Happy Birthday America! blog post from last year, I discussed some of […]

My Western Conservative Summit

Last year as I was becoming more politically aware and active, I watched the Twitter feed for the 2014 Western Conservative Summit as it took place in July. At that time I realized that if I were to take my […]

Who Is Caitlyn Jenner?

The lead story on Good Morning America on Tuesday June 2 was the Vanity Fair cover and other photos of former male Olympic champion Bruce Jenner, who has undergone gender reassignment surgery and become a woman named Caitlyn. Here’s the […]

A Grateful Nation Remembers

Last night I watched the National Memorial Day Concert on PBS. I was humbled and deeply moved by the stories of lives lost, lives changed forever from horrible injuries, and the grief and sadness of those left behind. While to […]

Happy Birthday America!

The Fourth of July is my favorite non-religious holiday. It is in early summer, the weather is usually nice, and the holiday involves pools, golf, barbeques, parties, fireworks, and bursts of patriotic fervor. It is a time when we Americans […]