Book Review – Emily Gets Her Gun…But Obama Wants To Take Yours

According to some observers, the battle over gun rights in America is at its highest pitch in decades and the Second Amendment is under attack to a degree that is unprecedented in our history.  From battleground states like Colorado, Illinois, New York and California to the White House and the halls of Congress, gun-control advocates and gun-rights activists are squaring off and doing battle over what it means to have the right to keep and bear arms.

In “Emily Gets Her Gun…But Obama Wants To Take Yours [Hardcover Edition]” Washington Cover of Emily Miller BookTimes Senior Editor Emily Miller describes her evolution from crime victim to legal gun owner in Washington, D.C., a four month ordeal that involved navigating a mountain of paperwork, taking classes, paying hundreds of dollars in fees, a balky police department and four days off from work.   Along the way, she describes how she learned gun safety and how to shoot, how liberal Democrats currently in power are doing everything they can to limit or deny Second Amendment rights, how billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg is giving away millions of dollars, using New York City resources and his political leverage to support gun control in various states and nationally, and debunks several of the myths surrounding guns propagated by the media.

In addition, Ms. Miller describes the real-world implications of gun control laws on law-abiding citizens and individuals who have served our country under arms and how President Obama is the best gun salesman in history.  Finally, in the appendices to the book she reveals a previously secret Justice Department memo dated January 4, 2013 that outlines the Obama administration’s gun control agenda and how persons who are contacted by police that have empty shell casings or ammunition in their possession can be arrested in our nation’s capital.

In a book that reads like a novel, Ms. Miller describes how she was a crime victim while housesitting for friends and determined that she wanted to buy a gun for personal protection.  In the course of several chapters, the story unfolds of how she initially contacted the police department to seek help, how she met Washington’s one and only gun dealer, the lack of clear direction in how to complete the paperwork trail in the correct order, the difficulty in finding the mandated training and other hoops she had to jump through in order to legally purchase a gun, something I can do in less than an hour here in Colorado’s Front Range.

Intertwined with the chapters on her arduous journey, she includes chapters about how the gun-grabbers shamelessly exploit tragedies like the Newtown shooting to advance their gun-control agenda, the myths surrounding “high-capacity magazines”, “universal background checks” and how gun control laws hurt the law-abiding while doing nothing to inhibit the criminals and predators in our society.

In another chapter she includes a discussion of the election and re-election of Barack Obama propelled astronomical gun sales and ammunition shortages.  Indeed, in the six month span from November to April 2013, NICS background checks (the number of background checks performed prior to a legal gun sale) were 13.5 million, an increase of 40% over the same period a year earlier.    In total, there have been 82,328,554 background checks performed since the month after President Obama took office.  (Source:

Ms. Miller tells her story at the same time she works through the topics mentioned above, and the book is well-referenced including original reporting and the author’s notes of conversations with various leading figures in the gun-rights movement.   

Another aspect of this book that I think is invaluable is the fact that it is written by a woman from a woman’s point of view.  She portrays the gun owners she meets as the normal, everyday, patriotic Americans they are.  Legal gun owners in general and concealed carry holders in particular are among the most law abiding group of people in America today.  As she writes on the front and back plates of the book “If you only follow liberal media and listen to President Obama, it would be easy to believe that gun owners are all bitter clingers, reckless hicks or criminals.  The truth is that the 100 million gun owners in America are among the most responsible, patriotic, family-oriented citizens in our nation.”

As a relative newcomer to the Second Amendment scene myself, I can say that in this one book Ms. Miller has captured the essence of what the Second Amendment means for ordinary Americans in today’s world, the battle underway to diminish or do away with it, and how important it is to the freedom and liberty we know in this country and wish to pass on to future generations.

This book is easily readable and highly accessible to anyone who wants to learn more.  I highly recommend it and give it a five-star rating.


By Richard D. Turnquist

December 18, 2013

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