Announcing Minimum Wage Fail

I am announcing the launch of, a website designed to capture and share stories about how minimum wages and increases such as the one voted into our Colorado constitution harm real people – business owners, parents and young people who can’t find that first job or perhaps have lost a job.

With the movement gaining steam nationally, it is important to have a repository of real-life stories about the human costs of artificial wage floors so that voters and legislators in other states will be able to see and evaluate these costs.

In my blog post Just Say No In November – Amendment 70 I outlined several reasons why minimum wage increases are harmful and how they are being promoted by unions and their progressive allies. Now we have the chance to accumulate stories to see what happens in real life.

Please visit and share your story, if you have one. Please like us on Facebook at and Twitter at @MinimumWageFail.

Please share with your fellow small business owners, parents, and other networks. It’s a small thing, but every chance we get to push back on the progressive agenda is one that we should take.


Richard Turnquist

January 10, 2017

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